Why Join Our Credit Union?

What is a Credit Union?

A Credit Union is a non-profit financial institution that provides different services, including accepting deposits and offering loans. It is a trustworthy place to save and enjoy the advantage of borrowing at affordable rates.

What Are the Credit Unions Membership Benefits?

A credit union is controlled by members who use its services. It operates to promote the well-being of its members. Here are the main benefits the members of credit unions get:

  • becoming a part of a family-oriented environment, with equal voice;
  • getting reliable financial services;
  • getting competitive interest rates, low fees, and higher savings rates;
  • saving money.

Are You Eligible?

We accept members from multiple GP locations, Murphy hardwoods, and other select employer groups. Also, all family members of our already existing members or anyone residing in the same household as our members are also eligible to join.

How do You get Into a Credit Union?

In order to support the fight of the United States government against the money laundering activities and funding of terrorism, a credit union is requested by Federal Law to verify and record personal information of all persons who open accounts.

Therefore, in order to become a member, you will be asked to provide the following information:

  • your name;
  • your address;
  • date of birth;
  • and other information that will help to identify you.
  • You also may be required to provide your driver’s license or other identifying documents.

For detailed information, please contact us by phone, email, or visit our office.

Why Would a Credit Union Deny Membership?

There are different reasons why your membership may be refused. The most common reasons you won’t be able to open an account are having a history of writing bad checks or failure to provide requested identification.

What Makes Us Different?

At McKenzie Valley Federal Credit Union, our members are our top priority. We believe in financial education and in the importance of becoming financially literate and independent. We are offering different financial tools to people in need. We are committed to community involvement, inclusiveness, and thriving, sustainable communities.

McKenzie Valley Federal Credit Union offers competitive and reliable Deposit Services and Loan Services. Also, with our Online Banking, our members can complete a large number of transactions. With us, you can apply for auto loans, and other products like personal loans, home loans, boat loans, overdraft protection, or lines of credit, to name just a few.

We are building a force for the best!