Our Family

The Credit Union was founded in April of 1958 as the Booth-Kelly Employees Federal Credit Union. At the close of 1958, the Credit Union had 248 members, $24,325.04 in assets, and had 2 volunteer employees. The Credit Union only offered basic loans and share accounts to the membership.

In 1960 the Credit Union changed their name to Georgia Pacific Springfield FCU as GP bought out Booth-Kelly.

Since then, the Credit Union has grown to serve over 1,300 members, with more than $4.5 million in assets and 2 1/2 regular employees. The Credit Union adopted the name McKenzie Valley Federal Credit Union in 2006 in order to serve more employer groups. The Credit Union accepts members from multiple GP locations, Murphy hardwoods (Prairie Road Plant) and other select employer groups. Any family member of a Credit Union member or anyone residing in the same household as a member, is also eligible to join. Many services have also been introduced in steps to become more of a full service credit union.

We are here to help…

At McKenzie Valley Federal Credit Union, your membership means you are a part-owner of the credit union. So remember, we work for you! During business hours, you will always get a real person when you call, not a poke a number system. We look forward to helping you with your financial needs and getting to know you, as an owner and a friend.

Without the support and loyalty of the Credit Union members, the Credit Union would not have been able to grow and thrive through more than 50 years of exceptional personal service.

Thank You!