Line of Credit

Emergencies and unexpected costs might throw you into financial difficulties, even with a savings account. Tired of searching where to borrow money? A line of credit from McKenzie Valley Federal Credit Union will offer you the flexibility you need at the most advantageous conditions!

Have you ever applied for a short-term loan? How is a credit line different from other products? The main advantage is that you do not borrow a lump sum. We offer you a limited amount for a certain period. You can draw funds whenever you need extra cash! Moreover, you will start paying the interest rate only when you withdraw the money.

You may ask how much a borrower is allowed to request. The sum depends on your needs and other criteria, like credit score or property value. A line of credit is designed to fit different needs, and our team is always here to help you!

Why choose a McKenzie Valley Federal Credit Union Line of Credit?

  • Lower and fixed APR
  • Trustworthy financing
  • Transparent contracts
  • Fast and easy funding
  • Confortable online services
  • No penalties for early repayment

Contact us or apply for a loan directly in your online banking. McKenzie Valley Federal Credit Union brings smart solutions for modern problems!